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Ohio Tele-Net will Install, Service and Repair Business Telephone systems of all Comdial FX, FXT, FXS, MP5000!!!

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Our technicians are trained and certified on YOUR Comdial MP5000 Telephone System and Voice Mail.
We have many “crash systems” and repair parts in stock to get your system up and operating the same day.
Our suppliers can provide us with almost any equipment including unusual and outdated brands. We can usually have your system operational by the next morning.

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Our seasoned Technicians work on Vertical, Comdial, Nortel, Vodavi, Toshiba, AT&T, Avaya, Lucent, Panasonic, NEC and many others.

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Comdial DXP Plus

When organizations begin searching for the optimal enterprise communications solution, they often have many questions.
Will the system provide flexibility when integrating a distributed environment into one cohesive network? Should the
system that we deploy today, converge analog, digital and/or IP communication protocols now or later, without requiring
expensive system replacements? Does the new system offer us a clear and cost-effective migration path for our existing
installations? Is the system derived from a market proven design and large installed base of satisfied customers with a
history of delivering platform stability and reliability? Will the systemís networking capabilities facilitate seamless connectivity
between our headquarters and branch offices as well as provide centralized administration and applications support?
Can the system support multimedia clients allowing PCs to function as voice, video and instant messaging terminals?
Is the system standards-based making it capable of supporting 3rd party interoperability, broader technology selection,
and better value? Could a system possibly do all this and fit within our budget?
The new CONVERSip MP5000 Media Platform from Comdial delivers maximum performance without compromise.
Ignite Productivity without Fueling Costs
The cost of running multiple networks for different voice and data systems can be expensive, difficult and time
consuming. Your business needs one network that can handle all forms of communications. The CONVERSip
MP5000 allows the convergence of voice and data over one network, so less time is spent managing multiple
networks. All voice, data and multimedia traffic runs over standard Ethernet cabling, allowing your business to
leverage a single IP infrastructure, reducing network management and maintenance expenses.
Now your business will have more than one form of communication available to them with this powerful business
solution. Employees need to manage just a single address for all communications services, while the enterprise
can implement presence-based services like Instant Messaging that unleash the full potential of employee collaboration.
Your employees can engage in various multimedia sessions including text, voice, video or any combination
thereof. By eliminating communication barriers, the MP5000 empowers your employees to work together and
communicate more efficiently.
Employees can also improve their efficiency and productivity with the ability to set up conferencing at any time,
from any location. The Meet-Me Conferencing feature eliminates the overbearing costs and hassle of setting up
outside vendors, along with any long distance telephone charges. Your employees are liberated to set up their
own collaborative working or training sessions from any location on the privacy and security of your own network
at no additional cost.
Contact Center
Phone System
Soft Phone
Digital Phone
HEADQUARTERS Comdial MP5000 Telephone System
Merging All of Your Locations as One
If your organization is comprised of local and remote offices then you understand that establishing effective
communications among these different locations is both challenging and costly. And with the advent of teleworking,
more employees are working from home, further segmenting your organization. However, the MP5000 allows
you to connect your distributed workforce into a single network that is cost effective and easy to manage ñ
eliminating the image of a segmented, scattered workforce.
The MP5000 lets you build a highly distributed and unified network that seamlessly links multiple locations over
your Wide Area Network (WAN). By networking MP5000ís and or deploying remote Comdial IP endpoints,
intra-office long distance charges become a thing of the past. No longer will you have to pay long-distance
charges to call branch offices whether they are out-of-state or around the globe. Calling remote offices is no
different than dialing a local extension ñ just dial the four digit extension. Now employees can interact more
effectively with coworkers who may be half-way across the country. Centralized voice mail and auto attendant
give your customers the appearance that teleworkers are at the office. Now your business can operate as one
seamless organization ñ presenting an image that is unified and organized.
Building Integrated Enterprise Applications
If your company depends on clear and effective customer interactions then you should consider the MP5000.
When deployed with our CONVERSip Contact Center application, the MP5000 links your customer relationship
management (CRM) systems to your communications infrastructure, enabling a high performance, customerfocused organization. Regardless of your physical locations, the MP5000 helps you cost-effectively deploy and
maintain a distributed network that allows customers to reach the right person, right away.
Empowering Employees For the High Performance Organization
The MP5000 provides the productivity tools, applications and services that are focused on driving a new way of
communicating and working ñ a way that delivers measurable improvements in the ability of your employees to
excel at what they do. The MP5000 will reduce the amount of time it takes for your employees to access each other,
retrieve information, make informed decisions and serve your customers. Real time collaboration with tools such as
Instant Messaging, video calling, and advanced presence management empower your team to make better, more
precise decisions.
IP Phone Teleworker
Phone System Digital Phone
BRANCH OFFICE Comdial MP5000 Telephone System
Built on Internet Standards
The CONVERSip™ product line is based on the
broadly adopted Internet standard Session Initiation
Protocol (SIP). SIP represents the opportunity to
extend new value through simplified integration with
other applications and services. SIP is an Internet
standard that promises to speed the delivery of new services and applications. For end-users, SIP holds the promise
of bringing together disparate communications services and user devices to seamlessly integrate across multiple
media. Services such as voice mail, auto-attendant, automatic call distribution, instant and unified messaging and
video calling that are usually sold as expensive options are offered as standard features.
SIP achieves all this by establishing, modifying and terminating “sessions” over IP networks. These sessions
could be as basic as a telephone call or as complex as a multi-party mixed media session. Employees need to
manage just a single address for all communications services and the enterprise can implement presence-based
services like Instant Messaging that unleash the full potential of employee collaboration.
Comdial embraces widely-accepted SIP and other industry standards so you can safely deploy the MP5000
while ensuring investment protection and complying with open-systems standards. We offer extended warranties,
along with investment protection and software assurance agreements so you can focus on growing your business Comdial MP5000 Telephone System
without worrying about technology obsolescence.
Now your employees can tell the availability of the other party before they call and the best form of communications
to use, reaching the intended party the first time, all done from your PC. The EP200 makes use of a “Contact
List” usually associated with Instant Messaging. View the status of the individual and click to start a call. The
EP200 will find everyone ñ whether at home, on the company network, hotel room, or connected wirelessly at
an airport or cafÈ.
And with hot-desking, shift workers can log into the MP5000 from any desk. Once logged in, the system recognizes the
user, establishes their unique personal settings such as voice mail and call forwarding settings, and provides
instant secure access to your IP communications network. This technology allows you to share and conserve valuable
office space without sacrificing individual communication expectations.
Start with Comdial – Stay with Comdial
For existing Comdial customers, our Migration Investment Protection Plan allows you to upgrade and preserve
your companyís investment, while saving time and money by using your existing infrastructure. It also includes
technology refresh programs that allow you to protect your communications investment, while aggressively taking
advantage of the advanced services that help you
build your business.
Comdial allows you to phase-in technology
enhancements over time while providing a gamut
of application choices so your business can obtain
the benefits of converged communications today.
Designed for the high-performance organization
with as few as 10 employees up to 4,000, you can
start with a basic configuration and add capacity
and value-added applications as your business
grows and your needs change.
MP5000Media Platform
Endpoint Features
Call Deny
Call History
Call Hold
Call Transfer – Screened
Call Transfer – Unscreened
Caller ID
Contact List
Contact Management
Customizable Presence Status
Dial By Name
Do Not Disturb
Full Duplex Speakerphone Support
Handset Volume Control
Headset Capability
Instant Messaging
Last Number Redial and Redial Queue
Message Waiting Count
Message Waiting Lamp with Quick Link
Multimodal Communications
Multi-Party Instant Messaging
On-Hook Dialing
Password Protection
Presence Management
Station Speed Dial
Video Calls
Watcher Management
Plus Other Features
Note: Endpoints features vary by endpoint
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Platform Features
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