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Customer System Self Administration

Historically every time you wanted to change something on your phone system you had to get in a phone technician. This was time consuming and sometimes very costly over the life of the system. The alternative which many companies adopted, was to simply ignore the fault or wait till many faults backed up to justify just one expensive technical visit, which of course is not good for any business!

No Longer! Many phone systems (albeit some better than others) have computer interfaces that allow technicians to make adds, moves and changes to the phone system programming. Most phone companies don’t tell you about this because they want to continue to profit from you for many years to come.

At Infiniti we believe that empowering users with this technology allows them to control their own phone system and makes their owner and user experience much more rewarding. Did we mention it could also save you $1000’s over the systems life?

It means that you can log on (password protected for administrators) and make changes to almost everything in the phone system:

How the phone rings
Where the phone rings
Announcement messages
Setting up a new user
Deleting an existing user
Day and night timers
Call queuing timers and messages
And much, much more
The only thing we don’t show users is how to change the very technical phone line setup. One mistake here in programming and your phone stops working! Customers love this incredible functionality and the fact they get it for FREE when they choose Infiniti for their solution. No longer do they put up with annoying errors or idiosyncrasies. They can make changes to the system anytime, day or night and those changes are then effected real-time and are instantaneous.

It gets even easier when it comes to Hosted/Cloud Phone Systems and the Vertical solutions we offer. It is a totally managed system so you will never have to touch the backend management dashboards at all, that is great for businesses who �just want it to work’. All adds, moves, changes and much more are included at no extra costs with the phone system, just let the tech team know via phone or email, and they will do everything for you. Easy!

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